Photo Gallery

Sunburn Regatta 2012 2nd place trophy!

Miami Nassau 2011 finish: heading to the dock!

Miami Nassau 2011 finish line.

Miami Nassau 2012 finish. Time for some conch chowder and a rum!

Vicky driving Rim Shot to Ft Lauderdale for the Palm Beach race.

Andres chillin' after the Hillsboro to Palm Beach race.

Tiem and Roy relaxing before the Hillsboro to Palm Beach race.

Vicky and Spence.

Russ Horn picking off the competition.

3rd in LYC Commodore's Cup! Go Rim Shot!

Zach finishing the Nassau race, hoping the kite doesn't burst.

Claiming our trophy for Miami Nassau 2010 at the Nassau Yacht Club, mon.

Lime Cup Saturday, 2010 Ft. Lauderdale. 4th in class. 2nd next day home. 3rd in PHRF fleet for the regatta.

Miami-Key Largo 2010, 2nd Place PHRF 2.

Miami Key Largo 2010

Miami Key Largo 2010

Miami Key Largo 2010

Miami Key Largo 2010

Miami Key Largo 2010

Miami-Key Largo start, 2009. Odin was dismasted in this race.

Leaving Dinner Key, March 2010.

Lime Cup 2009, Sunday, picking off the competition, one at a time.

Lime Cup 2009, Sunday,crossing the staring line.

Lime Cup 2009, approaching the starting line.

Goombay 2009 6

Goombay 2009 5

Goombay 2009 4

Goombay 2009 3

Goombay 2009 2

Goombay 2009 1.

Happy crew after the Miami-Key Largo blast! Honoring the green cans!

Going home after Miami-Key Largo 2009. What a GREAT time!!!

35.0nm 4:45:38 = avg 7.37 knots! What a BLAST!!!

Couple of 36.7's showing how it's done!

Leaving Dinner Key for the race.

Serious Albert!

The view our competitors will see most often.

At the orphanage in Mississippi

Rim Shot
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